Vintage Pink Purse-Bead Knitting

A project can start and end differnet ways. You may purchase a kit with all the elements included or you can decide to start with a book pattern and collect everything you need before you start. By far a kit is the easiest way to begin; ensuring you have all you need.

In the past, I have started the body of a purse and then needed to search for the frame. Searching for the right size and style was frustrating. I could not finish until I had it in hand.

This time I searched and chose this vintage frame before starting the purse.  Obviously this is easier because you can pick the materials that match the frame and work from there.

The pictured frame has clear and pink beads around the outside edges along with three rows of clear rhinestones set in the center.  There  are tiny gold beads threaded between the rhinestones. A purse frame that had a previous life and  a different body. I sometimes wonder what it looked like before, when it was made and how long was it in use.

959bb857-812b-4625-aa90-fb92fcadacf1The new body sytle is call The Boulevard, Model No. 418 from “A Book of New Bead Work,” Designs and Adaptations by Emma Post Barbour, Copyright 1924. National Trading Company, Chicago and I am happy to be able to unite them both.


Next Holiday Season


Today at an appointment, I came across this center table mat in the waiting room. I found it very interesting. Interesting enough to want to replicate it for my own dining table.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to create a pattern for the size I’m thinking. I would like to use clear beads with silver centers and an off-white thread.  But the fringe beads should be decided on and found first. I wonder if I will be able to find something similar.

The pictured mat has a material backing that acts as a barrier between the beads and the table surface.  It should be something that can be washed and will not shrink, but still be soft.

This definately has given me some things to think about and plan for my center-piece next Christmas.

Beaded Crochet Purse for Mom


A gift for my mother.  Her birthday was in March and I overlooked sharing this finished project.

The only difficult part of this project is to keep track of the first stitch and the placement of each bead in the pattern. You move around in a continuous circle. 

The top around the frame is not worked in a circle. Each row is completed individually, tied off and restarted until you reach the flap height you need. 


Christmas Memories

Cross stitch is my first love. It was the first craft my grandmother taught me. She would get out the gingham print material and floss. She would show me how to create the giant X within the colored or white square to make my name or pattern she made up.

I have graduated to other projects since then. Many family items have been made; cross stitch initials and these stockings for my husband and myself.  Each of my children and their spouses have a similar style.

I have become particular in my choice of projects. A challenge is what I usually look for now.

Lately my head has been turning back to this craft. I have a couple projects that need finishing and it may be time to take them on. I will let you know.

Present For a Friend

Happy  New Year to all. I would like to present this sweet little coin-style beaded crochet purse.

The royal blue purse has silver crystal beads forming my friends initials on both sides. It has a 3″ opening with a clasp top.

This can be used for coins and bills, receipts or any small items that usually get lost in your purse. It will work like an extra pocket.

There are two mounts on the purse frame to add a chain if she chooses to use it as an evening bag.

Can’t wait to give this to my friend on her birthday.

How Exciting

IMG_2406I am so pleased to finally show this finished project. Almost a year ago I started the The Fleur-De-Lis. It is a pattern from “A Book of New Bead Work,” with designs and adaptations by Emma Post Barbour, Copyright 1924. National Trading Co., Chicago.

It has been nearly finished for a few months but I have not been able to find a purse frame to match the same width needed.

The original design stopped at the top of the flour-de-lis. The top stars and double rows of beads were added for the frame depth.


This purse makes a great dinner purse or special occasion purse. I plan on using it this holiday season. The finished size is 7.5  x  11 inches and plenty of room for the items you will need for a night out.

I love the effect of these gold beads. The view straight-on gives an opaque appearance, but turn it side-ways, and the beads turn bold and strong against the dark fabric.

I am still debating whether or not to put a liner inside. I do like having a couple of pockets to hold my phone and glasses for easy access, but the crochet thread created a very tight fabric, the liner is really not needed.


I could see another version of this in black with silver beads.


New Little Cuties

2015-03-01 19.57.402015-03-01 20.01.51As promised, three little purse necklaces. I thought these would be nice and cheerful for Easter. Each necklace has beads knitted on both the inside and outside of the purse; they have a very nice feel to them.

The green and purple are matched crotchet thread and bead color, but the red bead purse is made with a blended crotchet thread of red, white and green; giving a striped look.

The red purse has been added to my Product Store. I may add the others, not sure yet.

Sparkling Blue

DSC01425Blue, green and berry colored glass beads against a navy thread are so striking. I love the feel of these purses. There are beads on both sides of the knitted piece; so there are beads inside the purse as well.  It feels smooth to the touch and it rolls around between your fingers.

This little pouch was inspired by my daughter Renee; she is my biggest fan. It is so much fun designing with the person who will wear the piece. This way you know that they will enjoy and use it.
She did not want fringe at the bottom or big accents on the side, just something simple.
I will be making a couple more of these and posting them for sale in the near future. I’m not sure what the colors will be; we will have to wait and see.



What would be your favorite color scheme?  Would you like fringe on the bottom and what type of decorations do you like on the side strand?

What type of decoration would you put on the front or would it be plain? Let me know your thoughts. Who knows, I might make that one next.

The Fleur-De-Lis

DSC01421During a scan through Knitting Beaded Purses, by Nancy Alsion, I saw the reprint of this pattern from Bead Work, 2nd Edition, Courtesy of Lacis Publications; Model No 787-A Crocheted Bag.

I fell in love with the picture that was inset. The pattern was copied in the page really small and after I took a closer look, I decided to enlarge it on a copy machine. I thought, wow, I can read this and it makes sense. So, I started to recreate it.
DSC01419The bottom edge has a Greek key and the top two thirds has the fleur-de lis pattern up to the purse frame.

According to the pattern, I am working on Row 29 out of 44, but I think I will have to repeat a bit of this two more times.

I am happy with this so far. I will post an update the farther I get.