The only way that I can put it is, I am curious. I alway have been. Something will interest me and I have to know how it works or how do you accomplish it. The next question is, “Can I do that?”

For a long time I would settle on one thing or another, but lately I find that I am enjoying so many things and I want to keep track of them. That brings me here.

You are welcome to peek in and see the latest, comment or just browse. I hope that it sparks an interest in you to find interest in something.

SideCapers¬†will feature the smaller interests that could pop up, fade away and return or maybe sick around. Listed above are main interests of mine that require their own sites; feel free to check those out as well. As with the other site interests that I have, the motto here is “Things One Does Beside the Everyday”.

Thanks for taking an interest and be curious.

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