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New Little Cuties

2015-03-01 19.57.402015-03-01 20.01.51As promised, three little purse necklaces. I thought these would be nice and cheerful for Easter. Each necklace has beads knitted on both the inside and outside of the purse; they have a very nice feel to them.

The green and purple are matched crotchet thread and bead color, but the red bead purse is made with a blended crotchet thread of red, white and green; giving a striped look.

The red purse has been added to my Product Store. I may add the others, not sure yet.

Sparkling Blue

DSC01425Blue, green and berry colored glass beads against a navy thread are so striking. I love the feel of these purses. There are beads on both sides of the knitted piece; so there are beads inside the purse as well.  It feels smooth to the touch and it rolls around between your fingers.

This little pouch was inspired by my daughter Renee; she is my biggest fan. It is so much fun designing with the person who will wear the piece. This way you know that they will enjoy and use it.
She did not want fringe at the bottom or big accents on the side, just something simple.
I will be making a couple more of these and posting them for sale in the near future. I’m not sure what the colors will be; we will have to wait and see.



What would be your favorite color scheme?  Would you like fringe on the bottom and what type of decorations do you like on the side strand?

What type of decoration would you put on the front or would it be plain? Let me know your thoughts. Who knows, I might make that one next.

The Fleur-De-Lis

DSC01421During a scan through Knitting Beaded Purses, by Nancy Alsion, I saw the reprint of this pattern from Bead Work, 2nd Edition, Courtesy of Lacis Publications; Model No 787-A Crocheted Bag.

I fell in love with the picture that was inset. The pattern was copied in the page really small and after I took a closer look, I decided to enlarge it on a copy machine. I thought, wow, I can read this and it makes sense. So, I started to recreate it.
DSC01419The bottom edge has a Greek key and the top two thirds has the fleur-de lis pattern up to the purse frame.

According to the pattern, I am working on Row 29 out of 44, but I think I will have to repeat a bit of this two more times.

I am happy with this so far. I will post an update the farther I get.


Amber Necklace

Heidi Purse
Here is the latest bead knitted purse necklace. I have always loved amber colored stones and this one has quite a bit of it. The black and silver really blend well with the amber.

This was a gift to my dear friend Heidi. I love it when someone receives a gift like this and they know just what they will wear it with.

I hope that it will bring many years of enjoyment to her.

A Little Bit of Gray

IMG_1340IMG_1355While trying to figure out what I was going to do with the gold crochet bag, I decided to start another pouch in gray.

The funny thing is that the beads on this little purse look so much like metal beads when in fact they are glass. The other funny thing is how much weight this one is compared to the black one.I am very happy with the way this one turned out. I believe that it would go very well with a black or gray outfit.

When it was not yet finished, Mary, our friend and hair stylist saw it before the fringe and neck pieces were added. She really liked it and wanted to see it when it was finished. Mary did like it and she now owns it.

I have not figured out yet what exactly a person would put inside it as they wore it, but if you have an occupation where your hands are always in water, maybe you would put your rings in it for safe keeping.

Would you put anything in this purse while you wore it and what would that be?

We’ll see what is next.

Return to Knitting

IMG_1319I am so happy to share this beaded knit pouch necklace project called The Paulette by Nancy Alison. I first met Nancy in the beginning of September and then purposely looked for her two weeks later at another craft fair.I was able to ask her many questions and look over the finished items on sale. Nancy works in knitting and crochet; I liked all the knitted patterns best, but have not knit anything for many years.

The crochet designs I recognized the technique, but did not want my first project to be a beaded item in a swirl pattern. I decided to purchase this knit kit and give it a try. Nancy made the whole process easy with this complete kit; she includes everything, even the needles.

Needless to say, I started and restarted this pattern over two dozen times. Mainly because I had not knit in so long, but also I had never knit anything so small before and of course I chose black to make it even easier.
With the help of my avid knitting sister Karen, I got the body complete in two days.

The directions were so clear and helpful; the next morning the fringe and necklace were added.

I still have my gold beaded creation to finish, then I will start another couple in this pattern as gifts.

Look for Nancy Alison’s website link on the right side of this web page for other patterns and styles.

Newest Curiosity

Recently I visited a Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI with my sister-in-law Karen. There we met Nancy Alison who creates knit and crotchet beaded purses. Nancy was very gracious to show us how to knit or crochet these little beauties.  This started my mind thinking of the seed beads I had at home from my daughter Renee. One container had gold and silver combined and next to it was gold only. I purchased a coin purse closure for the top of my beaded purse. I loaded the thread with gold and silver beads and roughly chained out enough stitches to match the width of the purse frame. After working in a round twice;  the beads were added randomly from the gold and silver blend to each stitch. As that compartment emptied, I added more gold to it until all the silver had been use. I am now working on gold beads only from here to the end.

bead purse
Soon I will need to figure how many rows are needed to fill the area from the coin purse hinge to the top. I will stop going around in a spiral and crotchet back and forth on one side, decreasing stitches to make a side flap to fill the arch of the frame. Then do the same on the other side to create flaps to sew onto the frame. I hope this works; I am making this up as I go.

I will post again when it is finished. But in the meantime, visit nancyalison.com to view her Gallery and if you dare, order a pattern. All of her patterns come complete with everything you will need to make the design; needles, thread beads and instructions. I only saw knit patterns, but contact her to see what she has available in crotchet if that is what you prefer.