The Fleur-De-Lis

DSC01421During a scan through Knitting Beaded Purses, by Nancy Alsion, I saw the reprint of this pattern from Bead Work, 2nd Edition, Courtesy of Lacis Publications; Model No 787-A Crocheted Bag.

I fell in love with the picture that was inset. The pattern was copied in the page really small and after I took a closer look, I decided to enlarge it on a copy machine. I thought, wow, I can read this and it makes sense. So, I started to recreate it.
DSC01419The bottom edge has a Greek key and the top two thirds has the fleur-de lis pattern up to the purse frame.

According to the pattern, I am working on Row 29 out of 44, but I think I will have to repeat a bit of this two more times.

I am happy with this so far. I will post an update the farther I get.